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Welcome to Lori Woods Beauty

My passion is helping women solve & simplify their beauty needs to feel more beautiful & confident

Meet Lori

I love to solve women’s beauty problems, especially when it comes to makeup.

When I turned 50 I felt like I was really starting to show my age. I always thought I was happy with my powder makeup that I had been using for 10+ years but one day I stumbled upon Seint cream makeup and it changed my whole makeup game. I started receiving compliments on my makeup and it gave me a new confidence.

Palm Tree Leaves


and have a look around




Let's be honest

every day with Seint is a good makeup day...

but did you know a number of studies have shown that wearing makeup actually increases your motivation and productivity?!

Take my color-matching quiz and let's get started on giving your confidence a boost!

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we all need good skincare

behind that beautiful makeup. Not to mention, haircare and body care! Pomifera's star ingredient is the Pomifera Oil and is in their nutrient-rich formulas for your face, hair and body


When you partner with Pomifera, you will not only get paid for sharing our products with those you know, but you will also be compensated if you gather people who want to partner and share the brand right along with you.


Order a Business Box and receive a variety of the Pomifera Brand Products, a replicated website that your referrals can order directly from, as well as instant access to your Owner’s Suite that puts running a small business right at your fingertips.


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